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A JJ Abrams Icon Contest

JJ Stillness--A JJ Abrams Icon Contest
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First off, thanks to quebelly for the stillness concept! Yay!

Welcome to jj_stillness! We all know that JJ Abrams is a god. We love his strong female characters and outrageous plots. We squee-ed that time Greg Grunberg showed up as the pilot in Lost. And now we can make icons proclaiming our love for all things JJ! Here's what happens every week: members create icons from the pictures provided (either bases or screencaps), then members vote for the top three icons. Each week will have a theme, and may include something specific to integrate into the icon, like a song lyric (from songs heard on JJ's shows, of course). The winners receive customized banners.

1. Absolutely no animated icons. We're a stillness community, so no moving pictures, thanks.
2. Submissions must be anonymous. Please don't use your icon or post it anywhere else until after the challenge ends. Don't vote for yourself. Don't try to convince others to vote for you, either.
3, Don't submit an icon to any other contests if you submit it here. No submitting an icon you made, like, three months ago that has a similar base, either. Your submissions should be 100% created and intended for this contest.
4. You must use one of the pictures provided. If it's a base, don't re-crop it. Don't blend the image you choose with any other images unless it's specified in the challenge for that week. If it's a screencap, you can use any part of the cap you want, but again, no blending or adding other images unless otherwise specified.
5. Make sure your icons fit the LJ size standards of 40K and 100x100 or smaller.
6. No one but the mod (swandive97) has posting access. Of course, if I ever take on another mod, they'll then get posting access. If you're the owner of an icon contest community and you'd like to be affiliated with us, shoot me an email or leave a comment in a post and I'll get back to you.

Submitting Icons
1. Post your icon as a comment to the designated challenge post for that week.
2. Post both the icon itself and its web address (hint--try Photobucket for a good image hosting service)
3. All submissions must be received by Saturday at 5pm Eastern time. No icons will be accepted after this time.

1. You must to be a member to vote. Make sure you add this community to your friends list.
2. Use the polls to vote for your first, second, and third choices.

1. Voting will be open from 11pm Saturday until 11pm Sunday. If I get the poll up earlier on Saturday, you are welcome to start voting as soon as I get it up. It will definitely be up by 11pm.
2. The winners and the new challenge will be announced Monday afternoon. Icons can be submitted as soon as the new challenge is up.

Thanks and Happy Icon-ing!
Mod trinnifer

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